What to Do if Your Tooth Falls Out

missing tooth treatment

Losing a tooth or several teeth is quite common, but this does not mean it is unfixable. Thanks to the rapidly growing dental technology, there are effective missing teeth replacement treatments. A missing tooth significantly ruins your smile and your confidence in general. For most adults, losing a tooth seems like a permanent problem since it will not grow back. However, this is not the case because there are several remedies for this. Some of the main reasons for missing teeth are poor dental hygiene and tooth decay. Tooth decay, in particular, is a widespread cause of missing teeth in both adults and children.

Additionally, injuries are also becoming an increasingly prevalent cause of missing teeth. What happens if my tooth falls out is a question that is frequently asked. Some missing tooth treatment options include bridges, dental implants, and dentures. It is essential to weigh out all your treatment options before settling for one since they follow different procedures. Generally, it’s vital to replace your missing teeth to prevent further oral complications from arising. Voss dental is among the industry’s leading businesses offering excellent remedies for missing teeth at affordable prices.

Treatment Options For Missing Teeth

Dental Implants Treatment

Dental implants are surgical screws fitted to the jawbone in the space left behind by the lost tooth. It is among the most efficient treatment options available since the inserted tooth looks and feels natural. Additionally, dental implants are a permanent solution because the replaced tooth cannot come out, except through a surgical procedure. If a decayed tooth fell out, this is the most recommended treatment option since it fills up space up to the roots. Dental implants are most preferred because they get firmly fixed, allowing you to chew and eat hard foods comfortably.

Dental implants get associated with a high rate of success. Therefore, guaranteeing you a safe surgical procedure. The maintenance cost associated with dental implants is relatively low since only a few dental checkups need to be attended after their installation. Besides that, dental implants get preferred since the adjacent teeth are not affected during the surgical procedure. After getting dental implants, you should provide them with the same care as you give your natural teeth. Frequent flossing and brushing are needed to prevent any infections from arising in the recently operated area. Dental implants are among the few methods that ensure the jaw bone remains intact during teeth replacement.

The cost of these implants is relatively higher because of the surgery involved in the process, making most people to prefer using other methods of teeth replacement. Other than the cost of dental implants, the duration needed to undergo a dental implant procedure is quite long as it may last for up to 4 weeks.


Dentures have been quite common over the years because it is incredibly effective in replacing missing teeth. Generally, dentures get made from synthetic plastics that are hardened and made to look and feel like natural teeth. Besides plastics, other materials such as silver and gold can get used to manufacture dentures as well. There are numerous designs and methods in which dentures can fix missing teeth. Therefore, it is up to you to select the most suitable and convenient treatment method for you. Thanks to dentures, what to do after a tooth falls out is no longer an unanswerable question.

In case you are either missing a front or side tooth, worry no more since dentures are a perfect remedy for this. Dentures can get removed, therefore, they are easily cleanable. It would be best if you cleaned your dentures at night while allowing your gums some rest at the same time. Some of the different dentures available include copy dentures that are mostly used by the older population. Copy dentures get made as a replica of your initial dentures. Dentures are a great remedy if your decayed tooth fell out.

One of the advantages associated with the use of dentures is that they provide adequate support for facial muscles. Therefore, giving you a youthful look. Furthermore, dentures are relatively easy to install. As a result, the treatment takes a short period. The cost of dentures is relatively low since the treatment does not have too many technicalities.
Moreover, dentures can easily come off when in public places, causing embarrassment for you. Most people tend to complain that dentures feel unnatural, and they are even noticeable on some occasions. Dentures are viewed as a temporary remedy by most people since they are easily removable. Moreover, a large group of people find dentures very uncomfortable, specifically during eating. It is tough to eat hard food substances with dentures because they are loose, and they also tend to sway sideways.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are a recently emerging treatment option that uses false teeth held in place by abutment teeth. Usually, plastics get used to manufacture bridges. However, silver and gold could also get used. There are several types of bridges, each uniquely different, depending on how they get fitted on the jaw. Traditional dental implants are liked by many people. These bridges get fitted in a way that the adjacent abutment teeth support the false tooth. Traditional dental implants get mostly recommended for people who still have both the adjacent teeth intact. For the crowns to fit perfectly on the abutment teeth, they have to get reshaped. What to do when a rotten tooth falls out is an often asked question.

However, that should no longer be an issue since cantilever bridges are an effective remedy for that. A cantilever dental bridge uses one abutment tooth rather than two for support. If two of your teeth are rotten and fall off, this type of bridge could come in handy since it only relies on one abutment tooth for support. Implant-supported bridges are another type that can be used to replace missing teeth. These types of bridges use implants to support the crown of the false tooth, rather than abutment teeth. Therefore, it means a surgical procedure is inevitable when using this method. Implant-supported bridges get commonly used when the adjacent teeth are not healthy enough to support the crown. Like traditional bridges, Maryland bridges require that the adjacent supporting teeth are both present and strong enough to support the crown.

Bridges are preferred over other teeth replacement options since they ensure the abutment teeth remains in place. The crowns get fitted on the abutment teeth. Therefore, this ensures that they stay in order, and they do not fall out of place. Moreover, fixing bridges take a significantly shorter period than other methods. The whole dental procedure of fitting bridges may take only a maximum of two weeks. Unlike dentures, bridges are quite comfortable even when chewing on hard foods because they get fixed firmly.

Additionally, the cost of these bridges is relatively lower compared to other treatment options. The maintenance cost of bridges is also low since only a few checkups are needed. One disadvantage of dental implants is that they are temporary since they tend to break easily. In most cases, the abutment teeth have to get reshaped to fit into the crown, causing further dental problems.

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