Dentures Cost breakdown for 2021


[Updated for 2021] Here’s a comprehensive article about┬áDentures Cost breakdown.┬áTeeth are a vital component of our daily living. Investing in your teeth is never a bad idea. Whether it is to enhance your smile or replace missing teeth, the investment is always right. Sometimes this investment comes in the form of dentures. Yes, dentures are not always inexpensive. But again, this does not mean that their price is out of reach.

The cost of dentures varies depending on several things. For instance, the type of dentures, tooth extractions needed, additional procedures, and so on. But roughly, a full set of dentures will cost anywhere around $2,500 to $6,000. Partial dentures are somewhat cheaper and may cost anywhere between $650 and $2,200.

There is always an option available to fit this cost into your health budget. Insurance coverage and third party financing options are available to help you meet the cost. Similarly, your dentist may suggest other ways as well. We have prepared this guide to give you an insight into dentures cost breakdown for 2021. This guide will highlight the various dentures and their cost if insurance covers dentures cost, alternatives to dentures, and where you can get affordable dentures in Houston.

Cost of Dentures Explained

In this section, we are going to discuss the intricacies involved in the cost of dentures. Firstly, dentures are prosthetic teeth used to replace missing teeth. You can either have full, partial, or other kinds of dentures depending on the state of your teeth. There are also alternatives to dentures, which we will discuss below. Let us take a look at how much you can expect to pay for your dentures and other factors to expect.

How much Full Dentures Cost

How much is a full set of dentures? Well, the question has no easy answer, but the immediate answer is that the cost varies depending on several things. The main factor in determining full dentures price is the time spent in making them. It will be more expensive if your dentures are most urgent and vice versa. As aforementioned, a full set of dentures can cost anywhere between $2,500 and $6,000 in Texas. However, this price is significantly reduced at Voss Dental. Voss Dental offers affordable dentures to residents in Houston. Here is a breakdown for permanent dentures cost 2021.

For full dentures, you can have one of three types: traditional, interim, or immediate. The cost of each of these is calculated from the time spent making them, the cost of materials, and the experience of the dentist. An experienced dentist can take 15 hours and 5 to 6 visits to complete fabricating the full dentures. However, depending on other additional procedures required, the cost may increase accordingly. For instance, costs for tooth extraction and oral surgery may need to be added to your total cost of dentures. The dentures cost, however, can range as follows:

  • Traditional $1,000 to $3,000.
  • Immediate $1,000 to $3,500.
  • Interim $300 to $2,000.

Some of the factors that might increase the cost of your dentures include:

  • Supplementary procedures such as tooth extraction.
  • Prosthodontist charges.
  • Locale of the dentist.
  • The insurance cover.
  • Complexity of the denture.
  • Materials used in fabricating the dentures.
  • The warranty given on the dentures.
  • Cleaning materials.
  • Denture adhesives.
  • Relines.

How Much Partial Dentures Cost

For people who have lost only a few teeth and do not prefer dental implants or bridges, partials are a viable alternative. Partial dentures are removable and are usually held in place with the gums and remaining teeth using connective structures. Partial dentures are cheap dentures compared to the traditional ones. The main factor affecting their cost is the materials used in their fabrication. The partial dentures cost estimate is as follows:

  • Resin base $800 to $2,700.
  • Metal cast $1,300 to $ 3,100.
  • Flexible $ 900 to $2,500.
  • Interim $450 to $1,100.

Partials are affordable compared to full dentures, with the cheapest option being the interim ones. However, the interim partial dentures are only a temporary solution. They should be replaced with a proper prosthesis or dental implants.

Some of the associated procedures that may increase the total cost of your dentures include:

  • Oral exam.
  • Tooth extraction.
  • Diagnostic casts.
  • Panoramic X-ray.
  • Tissue conditioning.
  • Denture adjustment.
  • Chairside relining.
  • Laboratory relining.

Additional Procedures That Affect Dentures Cost breakdown

Depending on the state of your teeth, your dentist will tell you the additional procedures needed before you can get your dentures. Some of the common ones include:

Oral Exam

An oral exam is necessary to assess the state of your teeth and gums. This is usually the first thing when you are thinking of getting any kind of fake teeth. Your dentist will assess your oral cavity to determine which denture best suits you and if there are additional procedures to be conducted.

Tooth Extraction

After the oral exam, the dentist might decide that some of your teeth need extraction. It can cause an increase in the cost depending on the condition of your teeth and whether you need sedation or not. However, you get affordable tooth extraction at Voss Dental.

Diagnostic Casts

Diagnostic casts are important in knowing your current and adjusting bite. They are used to make a mold of your teeth so that the dentist knows the shape that your fake teeth will take.

Dental X-ray

Sometimes the dentist may want to have a closer look at what your teeth look like on the inside. This means that you will require an X-ray. The most common dental X-ray is the panoramic radiograph, which produces a 2D image of your teeth.

Tissue Conditioning

Tissue conditioning is a procedure done when your fake teeth do not fit well or are causing you pain. For instance, if you just had a tooth extraction and your gums are still sore, a soft lining is placed on them for them to heal and take the correct shape. It is usually only a temporary solution which is withdrawn after your gums heal.

Denture Adjustments

These are small adjustments to your dentures. They can be done for functional or cosmetic reasons. With time, your gums change, and adjustments are inevitable, especially with immediate dentures. This is because they are fashioned even before your gums are ready for them. However, if your gums have changed drastically, you might need to consider a reline.

Denture Relining

There are three types of denture relines: hard, soft, and temporary. The hard reline changes your denture to take the exact shape of your mouth. The soft reline alters the denture so that it is gentler on your gums. Finally, the temporary reline is usually worn for a couple of weeks and consist of a medicated material.

Do Insurance Cover Dentures Cost breakdown?

Most insurances cover part of the cost, but it depends on the policy, insurance, and the plan’s restrictions. The standard, cheap dentures are usually covered; however, the condition is that they need to be medically needed. Depending on your insurance, the insurer may meet a percentage of the dentist’s fee or offer a flat fee depending on how your plan categorizes this procedure. The dental insurance may not clear the entire dental bill, but it can clear most of the cost making dentures affordable.

However, there is an easier way of getting better deals. Dental plans are a simple solution to reduce your dental bills by up to 50%. These plans work similarly to memberships. You get to pay either a yearly or monthly fee and enjoy reduced prices for dental works, including dentures. Moreover, dental plans offer you flexibility and convenience. There are no yearly maximums or paperwork, and the dental procedures you undergo do not need to be medically necessary. There is no need to provide dentist statements or X-rays as evidence either. However, you need to go to an in-network dentist to enjoy these services.

Is There a Better Alternative to Dentures?

Yes, dentures are a good solution for replacing missing teeth. However, they come with a set of challenges for the patient. For instance, people who use them often feel shy or insecure about them. People with dentures tend to get uncomfortable partaking in daily activities such as eating and speaking because of the stigma surrounding these prosthetics. The good news is, there are several alternatives to dentures. These alternatives are such as:

Dental Implants

Dental implanta are fixtures inserted into a patient’s jaw that act as a foundation for fake teeth. Dental implanta are a better than dentures because they are long-lasting and cost-effective in the long run. Moreover, they are permanent, which makes daily activities such as easing and speaking more comfortable.


This is an alternative to dentures if you have lost most or some of your teeth. Unlike dentures held in place by adhesives, over-dentures are held in place by dental implants or the remaining teeth. This makes them more stable and secure and a convenient alternative.

Dental Bridges

These are usually recommended to people missing a single tooth. They are held in place using implants and do not easily come off, as is the case with dentures. This makes them a suitable and convenient alternative to dentures.

Where to get Affordable Dentures in Houston Texas?

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