Dental Implants versus dentures and bridges

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In Houston Texas people know the importance of having nice-looking teeth. It’s among the first things people notice. People with broken, missing or rotted teeth create a negative first impression. This can be the death knell for potential professional and personal relationships. Dentures, bridges and false teeth aren’t the only option for helping people with missing or bad teeth improve their smile. Dental implants are a safe, effective, affordable option for dramatically enhancing your smile. Visit Voss Dental and we will show you all the ways we can make your teeth look great.

How To Decide Between A Dental Bridge, Implants Or Dentures

Three popular options for improving the appearance of people’s teeth is using dentures, dental bridges and dental implants. Dentures are complete or partial sets of removable prosthetic teeth which are attached to the gums. A dental bridge or tooth bridge is teeth made from porcelain and attached to crowns. The crowns are posts on each side of the gap left by missing teeth. Dental implants are replacement teeth attached to the jaw bone using a metal screw as an artificial root. At Voss Dental we offer all three options. Call us to schedule a consultation as well as a pre-treatment evaluation.

Choosing The Right Option

There are many factors to consider when deciding if dentures, a tooth bridge or dental implants is best for you. Four important considerations are:

  1. The Number Of Missing Teeth You Have
  2. The Amount Of Money You Want To Spend
  3. How The Choice Will Impact Your Experience And Lifestyle
  4. The Lifespan Of The Dental Solution

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages and the disadvantages of each one.

Factors To Consider

The Number Of Missing Teeth You Have

For people missing most or all their teeth, getting implants may be impractical. A set of dentures is probably your best option. For people missing 3 or 4 next to each other, a dental bridge can be an effective solution. People who have strong teeth as well as good bone support are good candidates for a tooth bridge. If a person is missing one or two teeth in different parts of their mouth, dental implants are a good choice. They can fill in the gaps and create a good set of teeth and a great smile. At Voss Dental, we can show you how each option looks, feels and functions.

The Amount Of Money You Want To Spend

People with a limited budget who want a low cost alternative to dental implants, should choose dentures. They are the most affordable option for replacing missing and damaged teeth. A full set of upper and lower dentures costs less than a bridge and two crowns or dental implants. However, dentures are not as strong and long lasting as dental implants. They are also more likely to shift around in the mouth than dental bridges. If the cost of dental bridges and dental implants is over your budget, dentures are an excellent, affordable choice.

How The Choice Will Impact Your Experience And Lifestyle

When choosing dental treatment options consider how each one will impact your lifestyle and experiences. Dental implants are almost like natural teeth and offer the best user experience. They work well with the teeth, gums and jawbone, look great and last a lifetime. Wearing dentures can lead to mouth sores, receding gums and bone loss and alter the shape of the face. Dental bridges are a good option, but they require daily cleaning and regular maintenance in order to prevent gum disease. At Voss Dental we can help you evaluate your options and make the best choice possible.

The Lifespan Of The Dental Solution

With generally last for 7 to 10 years before a new set is needed. Dental bridges also last about 10 years and then need to be replaced. Dental implants, on the other hand, are known for being a permanent dental solution. Some people refer to dental implants as a dental care option that lasts a lifetime. While they may cost more to be put in place, they end up saving you money in the long run. Come in for a consultation and a pre-treatment evaluation and see which dental care option you prefer.

What Are Tooth-Supported Fixed Bridges

A tooth-supported fixed bridges is a dental appliance made of porcelain, metal or some mixture of the two. They are fixed in place over the neighboring teeth. This helps to anchor them securely. Dentists can add one or more teeth to the bridge. Some people see tooth-supported fixed bridges as a better alternative to dentures. They are a very natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing, cost-effective replacement option for damaged or missing teeth. A tooth-supported fixed bridge can significantly improve a person’s overall appearance. It also helps prevent dental problems in the future.

Dental Implants Vs Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures are natural-looking dental appliances that replace missing teeth and help restore the jaw’s proper form and function. Usually made of metal and acrylic, removable partial dentures are strong enough for chewing. They can be used to replace one or more missing teeth. These dentures can help keep the jawbone, gums and facial muscles active and engaged. They must be removed and cleaned daily. Dental implants are replacement teeth anchored directly into the jawbone. They look, feel and function like natural teeth and help create a beautiful smile.

How About Resin-Bonded Bridges

Resin-bonded bridges are a less expensive type of bridge used primarily to replace one or more missing front teeth. They are best used when the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth or teeth are healthy. The replacement tooth or teeth are fused to metal bands bonded to natural teeth with a hidden resin. It’s a type of front tooth denture people use as an alternative to dental implant for one tooth. It’s a fast, easy and affordable tooth replacement option patients of Voss Dental can choose.

Removable Complete Dentures And Full Mouth Dentures

Removable complete dentures, also called full dentures or plates, are removable dental appliances used to replace all teeth on a jaw. They are economical and easy to make and repair. They provide an acceptable level of esthetics and work well. People in Houston Texas don’t prefer complete dentures to dental implants, but the low cost of dentures make them popular. When patients do a complete denture and a dental implants cost breakdown, it’s clear dentures are more affordable. We make excellent removable complete dentures at affordable prices.

We Offer Many Excellent Dental Care Options

Need partial dentures, permanent dentures, tooth replacement, removable partial denture front teeth or dental options other than implants? call us. We can show you the merits of implant vs denture vs bridge and dental bridge vs implant. We can discuss the advantages of fixed bridge vs removable partial denture and if permanent dentures are your best option. During our consultation we will look at dental bridge vs implant for tooth replacement. We will do a dental implants cost breakdown and see if the cost of dentures better fits your budget. We are the dental practice Houston Texas residents can depend on for high quality dental care.

What To Do Next

Contact our dental office to schedule a dental consultation and a very thorough pre-treatment evaluation. We will compare dental bridge vs implant and look at the cost and benefits of permanent dentures. We will look at partial dentures cost and bridge vs implant advantages. We will consider all treatment options for replacing missing teeth including the best all on 4 dental implants in Houston. Our treatment options go far beyond implant vs denture vs bridge. Call us today. We will show you all the ways we can improve your smile and make chewing easier.