How Many Implants Needed for Upper Dentures

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Keeping the teeth you are born with is not always possible. Those suffering from tooth loss might develop malnutrition or digestive problems. People lose teeth through accidents, poor health, wear, and age.

Fortunately, there are affordable tooth replacement options when a person fails to keep their teeth at Voss Dental Houston, Texas. Using the latest in dental technology, Voss Dental creates a smile for you that enhances your appearance and self-esteem when you suffer from tooth loss using alternatives to dentures.

The number of people opting for dental implants instead of conventional dentures or bridgework is increasing. Initially, the implant dentist follows the traditional procedure of doing X-rays. Next, the health of the jawline is checked, dental impressions are made, and the tooth color best suited for your smile is considered.


  • Evaluation
  • Possible tooth extraction
  • Implant/Bone grafting
  • Abutment
  • Crown

If the jawbone is unhealthy, it may be necessary to add bone from another section of the jaw. This makes the process longer since the added bone needs to heal. If this is done, implants are added later. The dentist will then add the abutment placement before placing the crown on the implant. The crown is prepared after the gums are healed.

If you have any teeth in the mouth that require removal, this will take place. After which, dental implants can be placed in the mouth. Dental procedures require no drinking with a straw or smoke. Teeth are usually extracted with general anesthesia; however, this depends upon the patient.

Patrons seeking dental solutions may need the upper denture when lower teeth are still intact. Artificial tooth resolutions offer the fix you need for missing teeth. Millions of people opt to use dental implants to replace lost or damaged teeth. For those wanting to replace upper area tooth loss or for those wishing to avoid conventional dentures, implants work beautifully.

Denture Implants Offer Treatment for Missing Teeth:

People getting denture implants have a list of dental work options. They may decide upon a full-mouth denture job with lower and upper dentures getting placed in the mouth at the same time. This presents a full mouth of implanted dentures solving difficulties with chewing or talking. Here we are investigating how many implants are needed for upper dentures? The answer is two to four-post for upper implant support.

Dental implants are attached to the gums; these stabilizing posts, once inserted, fuse into the bones creating an anchor in the gums for artificial teeth when there are no teeth available for a secure hold. The dentures are then attached to this base. How many implants are needed for upper dentures? Usually, two to four implants are necessary for the best grip for upper dentures. New technology makes the use of the implant supported upper denture possible.

Implants for upper dentures only need four implants to take care of upper denture implants. It is possible only to have upper dentures if this is your choice. Only four posts on the bottom and four on the top of the mouth must install a full mouth of teeth. However, if you choose the implant supported upper denture, the old upper may conflict with the lower and require adjusting.

Dentures Cost Breakdown for 2020:

Denture costs vary with the degree of treatment. The average range for one implant is $1000 to $3000. Some begin at $9,000, landing at an affordable $20,000. The implant supported upper denture can move the scale treatment for missing teeth between $11,000 to $75,000. However, many affordable denture providers hold dental fees closer to $11,000 to $16,000, offering patients excellent results. Upper denture implants with removable dentures cost ranges within this same amount, while implanted supported upper denture requires two to four implants.

Primarily, dental implants, unfortunately, are not a part of insurance coverage. However, if teeth are lost in an accident or related to some other medical procedure, insurance coverage is possible. No matter, implanted dentures offer affordable alternatives to conventional dentures, and they last for years. The slipping and uncomfortable suction involved with traditional dentures disappears when wearing denture implants.

Affordable tooth replacement options allow the dentist to place implants in your mouth in one day while giving wearers a beautiful set of teeth.

Some dentures are made before the teeth are removed and placed in the mouth right after tooth extractions. These are known as immediate dentures. However, gums shrink, and these dentures may not fit after gum shrinkage. So, these are considered temporary dentures because they will require adjustment to fit your mouth.

In most instances, dentures are installed in the mouth after teeth are removed, while conventional dentures are installed in the mouth 4 to 10 weeks later. Dentures are complete or partial. This is also true with implants; however, dentists attach teeth to metal screws inserted in the jawline with implants.

Since teeth are essential to a person’s looks, self-esteem, and health, people use various ways to replace their teeth. Titanium makes a strong anchor for dental implants and most people getting upper denture implants have no issues with their installation. This installation requires surgery and is a bit more costly. The implant supported upper denture is not conducive for every circumstance. Since a person’s health is a factor.

Alternative Treatments for Missing Teeth.

  • Bridge
  • Removable Partial denture
  • Removable Complete denture
  • Resin-retained bridge

When patients need dental replacement, Voss Dental can install artificial teeth in one day. However, these teeth are only a temporary fix. Any new addition to the body must heal. Once the healing process stops, the implant supported upper denture teeth can be adjusted.

The decision to get implants depends on the condition of the jawline. If the mouth’s bones are healthy, the titanium will fuse with the bone and give the artificial tooth a firm fit. Voss installs upper denture implants when the patient’s jawline has fully matured. The patient’s mouth must also have enough bone to hold the graft. The person seeking upper denture implants cannot be a smoker and must have healthy oral tissue.

Affordable tooth replacement options are not limited to the dental process. A patient may also need the assistance of an ear nose and throat specialist, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, a prosthodontist, and a gum and bone specialist (periodontist). Patients face X-ray cost, 3D imaging, and anesthesia cost. Insurance may cover some dental cost for implant supported upper denture treatment. However, this depends on the reasons for the procedure.

Houston Texas offers a free consultation for Upper denture implants. The treatment for missing teeth has multiple options; however, implant supported upper denture treatment last longer.

The metal screws related to the implant supported denture is one treatment for missing teeth. Also, implant supported upper denture fixtures do not encourage bone loss. Also, upper denture implants require no adhesive, and users can remove them when necessary. Millions find upper denture implants an outstanding solution for the treatment for missing teeth.

Upper denture implants can help prevent the sagging of the face. Also, implants do not slip, cause bone damage, or make noise when they are chewing. Since tooth loss creates a more aged look, most people want to maintain a healthy mouth. Installing implants, which prevent bone loss in the jawline, helps maintain a more youthful appearance. This type of tooth replacement depends upon good health and the condition of the mouth.


  • Sinus
  • Infection
  • Damage to surrounding tissue
  • Nerve damage

Whether your tooth loss is from cavities, periodontal disease, or an accident, upper denture implants are a possible replacement for missing teeth. Treatment for missing teeth improves the ability to eat healthy food. Vegetables are not always soft and take a bit of grinding. If teeth are damaged or missing, improper chewing can affect digestion, causing the body to lose nutrition.