Affordable Tooth Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

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Affordable Tooth Replacement Options for Missing Teeth

Research reports that the average adult aged mid-thirties to 50 in the U.S. is missing seven teeth. Some of these missing teeth may be wisdom teeth, but the other missing teeth can be molars or back teeth that affect your eating and chewing, or front teeth that affect your smile and confidence.

The consequences of deciding against replacing a missing tooth may not seem that important, but three things can happen to other teeth, jawbone, and gums if you neglect to replace missing tooth.

  1. Occlusion or the bite is off is one consequence. What teeth you have and how you care for them determines how your upper and lower jaw fit together when chewing or when your mouth is closed. Malocclusion, a severe form of occlusion, is technically described as a bad bite and often results when you have missing teeth.
  2. Gums and jawbone can break down and create hollowness in the face without tooth replacement.
  3. A super eruption is a possibility. Super eruption happens to the teeth opposite your missing teeth since nothing can stop the erupting tooth from growing longer.

What are the possible solutions for missing teeth and preventing gum and jawbone problems? One way, of course, is not to search out tooth replacement. Due to the cost of dental care, tooth replacement cost may not be an option. Hopefully, you do not follow the choice of not doing anything.

Best Tooth Replacement Options

Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing tooth or teeth. Implants are inserted in the jawbone to support a crown, denture, or bridge. Implants are among the best tooth replacement options for those missing more than one tooth due to injury or dental problems. Replacing teeth with dental implants can be the one of the best tooth replacement options, and it brings back that sunny smile.

  • Permanent and durable,
  • Can be treated as a regular tooth,
  • Feels natural,
  • The only solution that prevents jawbone loss,
  • Teeth next to a missing tooth do not need to be modified,
  • Cost effective in the long term.

The new teeth cost and time for full mouth dental implants are expensive and time-consuming but is the best tooth replacement option. You will need teeth extracted, metal implants screwed into the bone, and crowns placed on the metal implants.

Ways to Replace a Missing Tooth

To get dental implants, there is a lengthy and multistep process. First, you need to consult with your dentist, then receive impressions and X-rays. If you decide that implants are right for you, then implanting new teeth is started.

You will be administered local anesthesia before the dentist surgically cuts into the gums and screws posts deep into the jaw. You will go home to heal for several months while the titanium posts adhere to the bone in your jaw. After healing, you return to the dentist, who cuts the gum, exposes the posts, and places abutments on the posts. There is another healing period of about six weeks before the dentist attaches crowns to the abutments.

Some patients will need to see their regular dentists for the crowns. Seeing your regular dentist for crowns is necessary if a dental surgeon or periodontist starts the implant process.

There is also a procedure that provides you with tooth extraction and dental implants in one day. The visit will be much longer, and dental implant placement in one day requires surgery with a general anesthetic. The posts are screwed into the bone, and the implant abutment is covered with a temporary crown. This procedure allows for immediate functionality, looks natural, and overrides the need for intense healing time

When looking for dental implants cost breakdown, note that single dental implants cost changes contingent on the region of the country you live in and the dental professional who performs the procedure. Conservative dental implants cost breakdown estimates for single dental implants are between $3,000 and $4,500. The costs include the surgery to remove teeth and prepare the site, the abutment, all the components, and the implant crowns.

All On 4 Dental Implants/All on 6 Dental Implants

All on 4 dental implants or all on 6 dental implants are used if you are missing all or most of your teeth on the top or bottom. You do not need an implant for every individual missing tooth, but four or six implants to secure a bridge to replace all your missing teeth. The procedure is less invasive than doing implants for all your teeth and still provides the solid structure needed to eat, smile, or even talk.

All on 4 or all on 6 are permanent solutions for tooth loss instead of using an artificial bridge. Implants are the anchors for the dental bridge that connects a row of prosthetic teeth. These teeth function just like your own natural teeth, and the implants hold them secure.

All on 4 dental implants cost between $5000 to $15,000. Some dentists will do the work for an average of $10,950 per arch. There may be additional costs depending on the severity of the symptoms and treatment. If full mouth dental implants are requested, of course, the cost will be higher, but rest assured that dental implants done by specialists are one of the best Ways to Replace a Missing Tooth.

Dental implants require a significant financial commitment. If you have missing teeth, the costs may be a good option. Implants will give you back your smile, chewing ability and be almost like your real teeth.

All-in treatments are often used for those with large amounts of missing teeth in the upper or lower jaw. Once all-in treatments are finished, there is no more worry about crowns or bridges breaking.

When considering the dental implant cost breakdown, note that insurance does not usually cover dental implants. However, it depends on your insurance coverage and the cause of tooth loss.

Dental Bridge

An affordable way to replace missing teeth is a dental bridge that replaces one or more teeth with natural-looking teeth made from porcelain or metal. It joins an artificial tooth, called a pontic, to adjacent teeth or even to dental implants. A dental bridge fills in the gap left by disease or a pulled tooth. Dental bridges are non-surgical treatments, and they are permanent, secure, and provide a natural appearance.

Dental bridges can last from 5 to 15 years. It all depends on how the bridge is maintained as well as daily oral hygiene practices.
A dental bridge cost can vary, and often insurance will help with the costs. Most bridges cost between $300 and $1000 to replace a single tooth. You can get a bridge that is all porcelain or metal or porcelain-fused bridge. Costs vary on each dental option; replacing front teeth with a bridge could cost up to $5,000.


Dentures are an affordable way to replace missing teeth. No surgery is required, and there are no dental crowns. An impression of the mouth is taken, measurements are also taken. The bridge is built to these specifications.
Dentures can be created in a matter of weeks. When dentures are ready, we will need to visit the dentist for fitting. Dentures are a more affordable way to a full mouth of teeth.

Benefits of Dentures

  • Increased self-confidence and esteem.
  • Improved appearance.
  • Able to smile once more.
  • Support for our facial muscles.
  • Dentures that are built and placed correctly improve speech.
  • The ability to eat and chew whatever foods are on the table.

The cost for a full set of dentures can range from $1,300 to $3,200. Extractions will increase the price. If no insurance is involved, it usually costs about $350 per tooth. Dental insurance, however, will cover part of the cost of dentures.

Don’t Forget About Dental Braces to Straighten Your Teeth

You may not have missing teeth but need help to fix crooked and misaligned teeth. Dental braces are a great way to guide your teeth to make them straight. Once braces are removed – in about six months to two years – straight teeth are your reward for the pain and inconvenience of braces.

How much do dental braces cost? Costs of braces vary, but traditional metal brace cost about $5,000. Insurance may provide partial coverage for orthodontic treatment, especially if the patient is a minor.

Final Words

The best tooth replacement options depend on your budget, your problems, and your willingness to sit for surgery. Replacing missing teeth has benefits for health, confidence, and smiles. Visit Voss Dental in Houston Texas, to discuss the best options to fix or replace missing teeth. Voss Dental is one of the best dental services in the state. The professional staff works hard to stay up to date on the best tooth replacement services available in the dental community. You can reach the dental office at 713-322-8811 or book an appointment online.