What is a Flipper Tooth?

flipper tooth

If you are missing teeth, you probably have a lot of questions such as what is a flipper tooth, how does a flipper tooth work, can you eat with a flipper tooth and the difference between flippers. Voss Dental in Houston offers numerous options including flipper denture, front tooth flipper, single tooth flipper, partial dentures and partial dentures for front teeth.

A flipper tooth or removable partial dentures fills in undesirable gaps in your smile. Your flipper tooth is essentially a removable retainer sitting on your lower jaw or the roof of your mouth with prosthetic teeth attached. When you put in your flipper tooth, you have a beautiful smile even if teeth have been lost because of decay, removal or injury.

If you are having an extraction, you can have your flipper made first. The dental acrylic is the same color as your gums so it looks natural. You may have a type of clasp to fit over your existing teeth and hold your flipper in place. You will be shown how to put in and take out your flipper using a simple process. You can remove your flipper every day for cleaning.


Your flipper tooth offers a lot of benefits including:

  • A flipper tooth will cost you less than most partial dentures
  • Inserting your flipper is fast and easy
  • Once Voss Dental in Houston takes an impression, your flipper is ready quickly
  • You will look natural
  • Your teeth become more stable to help prevent shifting

Your additional benefits include:

Fewer Dental Visits

When you have a permanent partial denture made, you will need to visit your dentist more often because of the metal alloy structure. Your flipper only requires a few visits and can be made very quickly.

Improving Your Smile

Your smile is instantly improved when you insert your flipper. If you are missing a tooth in a visible area, your flipper will eliminate any embarrassment when you smile.


Since your flipper denture is lightweight, you will most likely become used to wearing it easily.


The structure of your flipper is flexible. This means if you lose another tooth, it can be added to your flipper.

How Does a Flipper Tooth Work?

Your flipper tooth is constructed using a soft dental-grade acrylic resin once an impression has been made. Your impression is sent to a dental lab where your customized flipper is created to fill in gaps and fit your mouth. When you receive your flipper, you simply put it into your mouth and the prosthetic teeth fill in the gaps left from your missing teeth.

Can You Eat with a Flipper Tooth?

If you are missing teeth, you already know eating can be a challenge. The best part about a flipper tooth is you can eat with it and chew easier than before. You need to make sure not to put excess pressure on your flipper because it is fragile.

How Do I Take Care of a Flipper Tooth?

Whether you have a single tooth flipper or a front tooth flipper, you need to maintain a regular maintenance schedule. Your flipper tooth needs to be cleaned daily to remove bits of food and bacteria. Your best option is to use a mild soap like dishwashing liquid or hand soap, warm water and a toothbrush with soft bristles. Make sure your flipper is thoroughly rinsed before you put it back in your mouth.

Do not use toothpaste on your flipper denture or it can be damaged. If your flipper feels loose or causes discomfort or pain, call us at Voss Dental in Houston for an adjustment. Do not move your partial dentures for front teeth around with your tongue became it can become loose. Consider avoiding dark-colored beverages and foods like beets, cranberry juice and coffee to avoid stains.

When your flipper tooth is not in use, you need to make certain it does not dry out. This will increase the risk of your flipper becoming uncomfortable to wear or breaking. You can ensure your flipper remains moist by soaking it in water or a denture cleaner after you take it out. If you are using water, make certain it is not too hot or your flipper can warp.

Keeping up with your general dental health is also very important. When your existing teeth and gums are clean and healthy, the risk of gum recession, gum disease, discomfort, tooth sensitivity and tooth decay decrease. We recommend brushing and flossing your teeth a minimum of twice every day and having a cleaning and check-up with Voss Dental in Houston every six months.

Cost of Denture in Houston

When you consider all of the options for a prosthetic tooth, your flipper tooth cost is the least expensive. Your flipper tooth cost varies and depends on the number of teeth you are replacing and the materials. In most cases, your flipper tooth will cost between $300 and $500. Depending on your dental insurance, some of your costs will most likely be covered.

If you need to have your flipper tooth repaired or require periodic adjustments, you will need to pay an additional cost. The best way to determine your exact dentures cost is to consult with your dentist. Once your mouth has been examined, you will be provided with the cost for your flipper tooth.

Learn more about Cost of Dentures in Houston.

How Do I Know if a Flipper Tooth is Right for Me?

If you need to have your front teeth replaced, you are most likely a good candidate for a flipper. If you prefer a more permanent option such as a fixed bridge or dental implants, you can have a flipper made to wear for a short period of time while waiting. Some people prefer the ease of a flipper, but you may be more comfortable with a more permanent and long-term solution for any missing teeth.

You can also have a flipper made as a permanent solution for your missing teeth if you are not a good candidate for either a fixed bridge or implants. Your best option is to talk to your dentist about a flipper denture to see if it is a good solution for your situation.

Can My Kids Also Wear a Flipper?

As an adult, you can wear a flipper if you are missing several teeth that are not adjacent to one another or to replace a single tooth. The idea is to restore the look of your natural teeth inexpensively and quickly. Depending on your circumstances, you can use a flipper temporarily or as a permanent solution for your missing teeth. If your child has received damage to their front teeth, a flipper may be an option.

In some cases, your dentist may recommend a flipper for your child if they do not have their permanent teeth yet. Unfortunately, kids often tease each other. If your child is missing teeth, this can result in a loss of self-confidence. Getting a flipper for your child allows them to have a beautiful and appealing smile. This is important for your kids because it helps them to feel good about themselves.

Can I Sleep While Wearing My Flipper?

If you wear your flipper throughout the day and night, it places constant pressure on your tissues. The result can lead to receding gums and deterioration of your bones. Wearing your flipper while sleeping can also result in a fungal infection in your gums. Since this type of infection is painless, you may not be aware it is there.

Taking your flipper out before you go to sleep provides your gums with enough time to breathe. Your best option is to remove your flipper every night for about eight hours. The easiest time to do this is while you are sleeping.

How Long Can I Wear My Flipper?

Your dental flippers are generally created for you to wear temporarily. During this time, your gums are healing so you can have your implant. You may prefer to wear your flipper permanently because they are easy to adjust, lightweight and less expensive than implants. If you have a child that has not yet turned 17 and has missing teeth, a flipper is a good option. Once your child is older they can have implants.

You need to care for your flipper properly to prevent it from becoming damaged or broken. You can easily remove any particles of food or plaque simply by cleaning your flipper every day. You will be protecting your gums and teeth at the same time.

Flipper Tooth Alternatives

If you are missing at least one tooth, you have options in addition to a flipper. This includes permanent and temporary solutions.

Permanent Soltutions

Although more expensive, you have other options that are more lasting than a flipper including dental bridges. This is similar to a flipper but the appearance of your tooth, alignment and shape is improved. Bonds, crowns and cement are used to directly attach these prosthetic teeth to your implant.

Your other option is dental implants. Implants are posts attached surgically to your jawbone to hold your prosthetic tooth. Your implants will function and feel just like your natural teeth.

Temporary Solutions

There are temporary options more permanent than a flipper and lasting for a longer period of time. A fixed partial denture is clipped onto your teeth. This is only possible if your remaining teeth are healthy enough to attach a denture. Custom-made partial dentures are also available to fit over your teeth. Your denture will cover your existing teeth all the way to your gums.