Why are dental implants necessary?

dental implant

Have you told you are a good candidate for dental implants? Are dental implants necessary? Have you lost a tooth or some of your teeth, and that has affected your smile? Dental implants are a perfect solution to your problem. Several causes of tooth loss exist: poor or lack of good oral hygiene, tartar and plaque buildup, gum disease, and tooth decay. Dental implants comprise artificial teeth roots fitted in the jawbone, and they form a strong, permanent basis and structure for the replacement tooth. A dental implant is different from other replacement options because it replaces the root and the tooth.

When you lose your tooth and fail to replace it, you will experience a chain of changes. If your bite shifts, you will experience issues with the dental occlusion. This might cause issues that will not only affect your mouth but your life. Let’s explore why dental implants are necessary.

When Do You Need a Tooth Implant

Most people wonder when to get dental implants. The tooth implant is necessary if you have a missing tooth and do not feel like getting bridges, dentures, or crowns. Replacing a lost tooth is vital since the consequences of staying with the empty gap might grow into bigger problems.

Dental implants play a huge role in improving your appearance and overall mouth function. They also support healthy bite by keeping all teeth in the correct position while preventing bone deterioration and supporting a healthy jawbone. If a lost tooth does not get replaced, it will begin to deteriorate the jawbone. Deterioration of the jaw bone occurs because the stimulus and pressure of chewing are what preserves your jawbone.

You might also need dental implants for the visual aspect. They help you with improving your smile. An improved smile boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. You will be able to laugh and smile without pain, eat comfortably without holding back and improve your entire life.

Why Do People Get Dental Implants?

People get dental implants for some important reasons. Here are some of the reasons why people get dental implants.

1. To Protect Jawbone

The jaw is the part where your teeth are rooted. When chewing food, your attached teeth stimulate your jaws significantly. When you lose a tooth or several teeth, the jawbone stops getting the stimulation. When a muscle is not active any longer, it tends to weaken and die. And this will also happen to your jaw bone. Bone resorption (jawbone deterioration) will cause more severe health conditions.

2. To Prevent the Other Teeth From Moving

If you have a missing tooth, your other teeth may get affected. This is because the surrounding teeth may move towards the gap so they can fill it. This can cause more dental issues over time. For instance, your teeth will have bigger spacing, which harbors plaque, and it’s also hard to clean them. To avoid these shifts, people get a dental implant.

3. To Preserve Appearance

You may think that you can survive with multiple missing teeth, but this will worsen the issue. Deterioration of your bone will surely affect your appearance. The face becomes sunken if you do not have the teeth to offer stimulation to the jawbone. You also appear older than you are. Getting implants will keep the jaw stimulated and leave you looking healthy and young.

Is There an Alternative to Dental Implants?

A dental implant has always been the superior option when you think about tooth replacement. But you could be asking, ‘Is there an alternative to dental implants? The good news is there are a few alternatives, and they are discussed below.

1. Complete Denture

Full mouth denture is one of the alternatives that most people are familiar with. This choice is the best for individuals who have lost all their teeth. By putting on dentures, you will have a complete set of teeth. Dentures limits the kind of diet you consume. This is because they do not allow you to chew as effectively as you would with natural teeth or dental implants.

2. Partial Denture

Another great alternative to dental implants is partial dentures, which work best for individuals who still have healthy teeth, but some are missing, and they require replacement. For a partial denture, the teeth are attached to a plastic base that is customized to match the color of your gums. Most of the time, the plastic material will cover the metal frame and might have metal hooks that link to the teeth.

These dentures make speaking and eating easy, and removing them for cleaning and repair is simple. However, they can feel uncomfortable and are a bit unstable when compared to other replacement techniques.

3. Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges get fixed in a particular place. If you have a missing tooth and want to install a bridge in that space, the dentist uses a unique fixing material. With fixed bridges, the only person who can remove them is the dentist. Bridges function and feel like natural teeth because they get fixed in one place. They are more comfortable when compared to dentures. When it comes to caring for the bridges, it is easy because you do not have to remove them. This minimizes the chances of breaking them.

Long-term Costs of Not Getting Dental Implants

If you have a damaged tooth and need an extraction, it must be removed to prevent damage to your adjacent teeth. The same case applies to missing teeth; if you stay for so long without getting a tooth replacement, you will face an array of consequences.

For instance, if you have been missing a tooth for a year, it will likely cause your bone to atrophy. This refers to the reduction in the height and density of your bone. The condition increases the cost of dental implants since you will also require a procedure called a bone graft.

So, if you have a missing tooth and these questions are still crossing your mind, do I need a tooth implant? and should I get dental implant? the answer is yes. Get the tooth implant as soon as possible. Postponing your dental implant will lead to further damage. You might experience an issue with the bite since your teeth will keep on shifting. There is also a chance of having temporomandibular joint pain.

When getting a dental implant, it is vital to know that you are investing in your appearance, confidence, and dental health. Most people are very concerned with the price, but the cost of dental implants is very affordable since waiting might be more expensive.

Benefits of Dental Implants

The best substitute for natural teeth is dental implants! With dental implants, you can get a complete set of new teeth in a day. Dental implants boost confidence and self-esteem. They are convenient, durable, and advantageous to your overall mouth health.

Dental implants might also offer support when it comes to chewing habits and speech abilities. You do not require to remove them since they are permanently fixed. With teeth implants, you can eat, brush, and floss comfortably.

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