What are mini dental implants – Cost, and Pros and Cons

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When trying to figure out the best dental procedure for you, it might be confusing at times. It could be you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, and you want a long-term solution for your condition. You go through the trouble of searching the internet, reading dental pamphlets, and seeking advice from friends and family. Even though you might have heard of mini implants procedure being better than other teeth replacement methods such as dentures or bridges, how will you know if this specific procedure is perfect for you? Let’s explore the cost and pros and cons of mini dental implants.

What are Mini Dental Implants

Small dental implants that don’t need complete embedment in the jawbone are mini dental implants. They are a single solid piece with a diameter of around 3mm that fastens into the jawbone. The mini dental implants resemble a standard dental implant; however, their size is smaller.

The mini dental implants consist of two parts: a titanium post, which has a ball, and a socket, which has an O-ring that embeds the tooth to a position that is attached to your jaw. The implant aspect of this type of dental implant is very thin, the size of a toothpick. The mini implants replace most kinds of teeth and are a perfect alternative to dentures, bridges, fixed crowns, and may even support loose arch dentures. To secure the implant, the dentist uses titanium.

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Pros and Cons of Mini Dental Implants

For some people, mini dental implants are the only solution. This does not mean that they are the final solution since they have numerous benefits over the conventional implants. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of mini dental implants.

Advantages of Mini Implants

You Do Not Require Bone Grafts

Traditional dental implants might require a bone graft if the bone is not strong enough for the implant process; however, mini dental implants will not need this. This will save you a huge sum of money and time.

You Do Not Require Complicated Flap Surgery

With mini implants, you will enjoy traditional implants’ benefits; however, they are smaller, and the procedure does not require complicated flap surgery.

The Tooth Replacement Procedure Is Less Invasive

During the procedure, the dentist will not require to perform any surgery. The procedure will take only a few hours. Due to its less invasive nature, the recovery process will take a few days instead of several months.

Less Discomfort

Since mini implants are less invasive, you will experience less discomfort, soreness, and pain. Additionally, your bone tissues and gums will experience less disturbance, so you will not require OTC medications or pain killers.


With mini dental implants, you will not worry about them slipping or feeling awkward when eating or talking like in dentures. The implants increase your confidence since you know the chances of having embarrassing slippage are zero.


Mini implants are convenient since you will take a single session to complete the procedure. Also, after the procedure, you can normally eat in just a few hours.

Ensures no Facial Collapse

If you experience bone loss, your face may collapse. Because mini implants are screwed in your jaw bone, and they act like your tooth root, they prevent any possibility of facial collapse.

Minimal Complications

In case you qualify to get mini implants, it is important to know that complication and failure of the procedure is very rare. The reason being, the dentists have perfected the correct practices and techniques when carrying out this procedure.

They are Affordable

Mini implants may cost half the amount you pay for traditional implants.

Disadvantages of Mini Dental Implants

Vertical Bone Necessity

Even though the mini implants will not need many bones to support the teeth, they will still require some bones to offer robust support. So, this procedure is not the best option if you have experienced a lot of bone loss.

Teeth Grinding

Mini implants are not a good choice if you are a teeth grinder. If the teeth grinding problem is not solved, the new artificial teeth will wear down and get damaged prematurely.

Mini Dental Implants Vs. Traditional Implants

Are you wondering whether to go for mini implants or traditional implants? Worry no more because our trained dentists will assist you in choosing the procedure that suits your best. Here are the differences between the two procedures.

  • Mini implants are smaller than conventional implants. The mini implants are made up of a crown and a post, while conventional implants consist of an abutment connection, screw, and prosthetic crown.
  • The mini implant procedure takes a few hours, while the traditional implant procedure takes between six months and two years. This is because traditional implants need sinus lifting or bone grafting.
  • In the mini-implants, mounting of the fake teeth is done right away. You leave the dentist’s office with a fresh smile. In case of soreness or discomfort, it disappears within two days. On the other hand, the recovery process from traditional implants procedure is complex. It takes several weeks or months. You may experience some pain for almost two weeks after the procedure. To promote quick recovery, ensure that you conduct proper aftercare.
  • Traditional dental implants are a proven long-term solution for teeth replacement. On the other hand, mini dental implants have not been researched thoroughly; however, they last long.

Mini Dental Implants Cost

Are you wondering about the average mini dental implants cost? The prices for this procedure lies between $500 and $1500. Compared to big cities, the prices in rural areas are a bit fair. Other factors that might affect mini implants cost include the following.

  • Affordability of the materials
  • Type of anesthesia required
  • Duration and complexity of the procedure

Because you will not require a bone graft, mini implants’ cost is lower than that of traditional implants.

Who Is a Candidate for Mini Dental Implants?

Have you ever gone for dental implants, and the dentist tells you that you do not meet the requirements? Do not worry anymore; this is because there is still a chance for you to be a candidate for mini implants.

Here are the things to check to know if you qualify for mini implants.

  • You want tooth replacement in narrow spaces
  • The teeth are small
  • Your jaw bone is lost
  • You want a new and attractive smile immediately
  • You require front tooth replacement

If you have the following conditions, please know that you do not qualify for mini dental implants.

  • Diabetics
  • Smoker
  • You need molar replacement
  • Have mouth ailments such as Gingivitis or periodontitis
  • You usually grind your teeth
  • You have a small vertical jawbone

Mini implants for upper dentures are not a great option; they may even work in some instances. The doctor is the one that decides if you are a good candidate or not. In some instances, a mini implant is more appropriate than the standard implants.

Can I get Mini Implant Supported Upper Denture

Mini dental implants can be mounted on the upper denture. The amount and quality of your bone determine whether the upper denture can get supported. For an accurate opinion, please consult with your dentist. Normally, mini implants work best on the lower denture. The reason being you have more jawbone to make the implant stable.

Do Mini Dental Implants Fail

Patient-oriented factors may cause mini implants to fail. These could be diabetes, smoking, or poor oral hygiene. For instance, if you do not brush your teeth two times every day and floss once, there is a high chance of plaque buildup. The plaque will discolor your fake teeth and damage them.

There are also other reasons which may contribute to mini implants failure, and they include wrong placement, which leads to an exertion of excess pressure on the rod. If your gums have a large volume of tissue, the procedure is prone to fail. Going with a knowledgeable and experienced specialist and conducting good aftercare will help you to avoid failure.

Mini Dental Implants Experts

Mini implants are among the newest procedures in the dental world. Are you looking for the best dental implants specialists in Houston? At Voss Dental, we have the best dental implants specialists in Houston. They are knowledgeable, skilled, and up-to-date on the latest techniques.

Mini implants come along with numerous advantages. They are not only cost-effective but also less invasive. They also assist in securing dentures and offering stability to the person wearing them. It is important to speak to us today to determine whether mini implants are perfect for you. The dentist will go through various types of procedures and advise you on the best one for you. Also, follow good oral hygiene to keep your teeth healthy. Regular checkups with the dentist are also vital since they can spot a dental problem before it turns into a bigger problem. If you have any questions regarding mini dental implants, do not hesitate to contact us.