Problems associated with Mail-Order Teeth Aligners


Considering Mail-Order Teeth Aligners? No one has perfect teeth. No, not even that unusually nice-looking person sitting next to you. Most people’s teeth could do with at least a little straightening, whether it’s for cosmetic reasons or to help the jaw close more efficiently. Everyone wants the most beautiful smile possible, and the way to achieve it is with whiter, straighter teeth. There are many good reasons for this, mainly social in nature. However, the quality of your smile can even affect your employability and your chance of getting that next big promotion. So straight teeth are no laughing matter.

To achieve this, dentists can apply a number of time-tested and proven tools and techniques including braces, special dentures, and even a few newer and more advanced methods. Inevitably, there are some “dental” appliances out there on the market that promise straighter teeth without having to visit your dentist. They are advertised as being much cheaper than traditional braces, and they are advertised in a way that seems to suggest that the people selling them are trustworthy and know what they are doing.

Are they Cheaper?

Of course, what we’re talking about here are mail order teeth aligners. They are made by companies like Candid, Newsmile, and several other manufacturers and range in price between $1,145 and $1,900. So at the end of the day, they aren’t much cheaper than traditional braces, which are almost certain to work.

The most prominent among the companies selling mail order teeth aligners is Invisalign. They have ads featured on prime time television, in popular magazines, and even on billboards in major cities. They are extremely popular and the market is projected to command a total value of over $8 million. So, it’s no wonder why they are being promoted so heavily.

It should be noted that Invisalign works with professional, licensed dental experts. They use and produce the proprietary materials needed to make proper orthodontic quality teeth aligners. But many people take an interest in these products, do a Google search, and buy non-professional teeth alignment appliances from another company – and that’s where they run into trouble. But what are they, exactly?

Mail-Order Teeth AlignersWhat Are Mail-Order Teeth Aligners?

Most Mail-Order Teeth Aligners are made from clear plastics that are not protected by patents. While the companies selling them may claim that their mail order aligners are constructed from “shape memory” materials, the likelihood that is the case is low. Professional orthodontists can prescribe similar devices. But professionally made teeth aligners contain special, proprietary materials that are patented. In order for a manufacturer of Mail-Order Teeth Aligners to be able to manufacture a material capable of the same shape memory effect, they would either have to be guilty of industrial espionage, or extremely lucky.

To get the shape of your teeth right, the mail order aligners must be based on an impression of the patient’s real teeth. This can be done using a plaster-like impression, similar to what your dentist will use, or a laser guided model, which must be created at a regional center.

Delivery of Mail-Order Teeth Aligners

Either way, the resulting mail order braces have to be delivered by ground shipment to the regional center for pickup or your home or P.O. box. Because these appliances lack the proprietary shape memory plastic that professional teeth aligners will have, they are likely to lose their shape during shipment.

While a user may spot the loss of proper shape through damage and refrain from using the faulty teeth aligners, it is more likely that they will use them and obtain a poor or injurious result. Sadly, this is far from the only problem with these sub-standard mail-order teeth aligners.

The good news is that professional orthodontists like Voss Dental In Houston Texas have identified a laundry list of verifiable reasons you should avoid these sub-standard teeth aligners. We think you’ll find that genuine, professionally designed and installed teeth aligners will do a much better job, are safer, and will only cost a little bit more than teeth aligners you can get online and receive by mail.

7 More Reasons Why You Should Never Order Teeth Aligners Online

We’ve already covered one of the multiple problems with aligners for crooked teeth you can buy online and receive in the mail: namely, the fact that the non-proprietary plastic can warp and lose its shape- making them useless. But there are even more serious potential consequences of buying these teeth aligners.

Treatment is Not Tailored to Your Needs

When you order teeth aligners by mail or online, you will be no different in the eyes of the merchant you are dealing with than any of thousands of faceless customers looking for cheap aligners for crooked teeth. You will receive what you have ordered and nothing more. Compared to the personalized care you can expect from a trained orthodontist, this slapdash treatment is hardly worth the cost.

You Will Not be Assessed Directly by a Professional Orthodontist

As mentioned above, every set of teeth is different and everyone has different oral health needs. When you order braces by mail, you miss the chance to be seen and treated by a professionally trained and certified orthodontist. Such a professional is there to examine your teeth and gums personally, to develop a clinically informed medical opinion about the needs of your teeth and overall oral health.

There are numerous conditions that can be exacerbated by a poorly fitted set of teeth aligners that have come to you in the mail. Even if you use a mail-in mold to make an impression of your teeth, the person who receives that mold is unlikely to be a dentist. Even if he or she was a dental professional, they would learn nothing about the condition of your gums, tongue, and connective tissues. If you have a condition that will be worsened by mail order braces, the manufacturer of your Mail-Order Teeth Aligners will have no way of knowing.

You are Likely to End Up Paying More by Considering Mail-Order Teeth Aligners

Because the party selling your Mail-Order Teeth Aligners is only interested in completing the transaction, you are likely to end up paying more in the long run to straighten your teeth. If your teeth aligners are crooked when they arrive, or are otherwise damaged, receiving a refund may not be possible. In this instance, you will still need teeth aligners and can expect to pay a second time. What’s more, a non-professional set of aligners received by mail and ordered online may cause harm to your teeth and gums. In that instance, you will need additional treatment which may be quite painful and costly.

There is a common phrase that applies to any consumer purchase. It is “Buy nice, don’t buy twice.”

Available Treatment Options Are Severely Limited

When you order Mail-Order Teeth Aligners online, there is zero opportunity to be seen or treated by a real, trained dentist. You will miss out on the possibility of having any potentially dangerous oral conditions properly diagnosed and treated. Oral cancer, for example, has a survival rate of more than 90% – but only for those who have it diagnosed early. If you are avoiding the dentist for financial or other reasons, it means that serious conditions may go unchecked.

Of course, treatment for undiagnosed conditions is impossible. Furthermore, any further treatment you may need or could benefit from will be left undone.

Mail-Order Teeth Aligners are Made Using Out-Dated techniques

The traditional way of making dental impressions is an acceptable technique for producing dentures or other personalized dental appliances. However, it is not the only way to make a mold for teeth aligners, and it can be messy. Sometimes, even in a professional setting, the procedure can go wrong and will need to be redone. In a professional setting, this is not a huge problem. But when you do it at home using a mail in kit, you only get one chance. It is likely to be messy, and there is no way for you to know whether or not the mold you have produced is an accurate one.

Furthermore, sending in such a kit by mail may result in damage to the mold. The person receiving the mold may not even recognize the damage as damage. You may end up with a poorly formed set of Mail-Order Teeth Aligners, and the chances of a refund are very low.

Invisalign by Mail is a Better Choice

If you choose to go with Mail-Order Teeth Aligners by Invisalign, you will have an opportunity to have your impressions done at a qualified orthodontist’s office such as Voss Dental. Your orthodontist can make a high-quality dental mold and work with Invisalign to create a high-quality set of teeth aligners.

Alternatively, you can order Invisalign by mail. In this case, you may need to travel to a centralized national service center to have your impressions made. Then you can wait to receive your Invisalign by mail. While this is a better option than going with one of the many other flight-by-night Mail-Order Teeth Aligners companies by mail, it is still highly preferable to work with a trained dentist to get a quality set of teeth aligners.

Taking this route, you will have direct access to someone who can repair, adjust, or replace your teeth aligners should the need arise.

Repairs & Replacement Quality for Mail-Order Teeth Aligners Will be Low or Nonexistent

When you choose mail-order teeth aligners made from non-proprietary materials, you are unlikely to receive quality follow-up service. If your aligners need to be repaired, replaced, or adjusted, you will have no one to go to. Working with a trained dental expert gives you access to any repair or replacement service you may need.

To learn more about the many advantages of professional-grade teeth aligners, and learn more about the benefits and the cost of Invisalign in Houston, contact Voss Dental In Houston Texas. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is eager to answer your questions about the cost of braces in Houston.