What are the most common problems that braces can fix?

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Nowadays, thanks to modern orthodontics, there are many problems braces can fix. What’s more, these advances in dental technology mean that braces aren’t just for kids anymore. Braces for adults correct the same kinds of issues that braces for kids correct.

Additionally, some people come to see us, because they do want to know how to fix crooked smile. However, not all people who wear braces have crooked teeth.

Here’s what you need to know to make an informed decision about getting braces.

First Things First…

Before we address the dental problems that braces can fix, we want to address some general fears patients have.

First of all, patients often ask us, “Do braces hurt?” The short answer is that braces sometimes do hurt, but the pain doesn’t last very long.

You’ll likely feel some discomfort after your orthodontist tightens your braces. However, that pain usually goes away after a couple of days.

In some cases, braces create significant changes to the teeth’s and jaw’s position. This causes discomfort. Painkillers, like ibuprofen, dental wax and other helpful aids reduce the discomfort.

However, the advantages of braces far outweigh the discomfort you might feel temporarily. Once your braces come off, your dental pains go away. You’ll also enjoy seeing a mouth full of straight teeth smiling back at you in the mirror.

The other thing people wonder about is whether adults can wear braces. Nowadays, adults can and do wear braces. Truth be told, there are many advantages of braces for adults. This includes fixing serious jaw issues, as well as boosting a person’s confidence.

For some adults, wearing braces is even a career consideration. Here’s an example. Journalists who work on camera benefit from straight teeth. Their career advancement chances often depend on it.

But it’s not just journalists who benefit from having a nice smile.

The Crest Foundation conducted a study which found that people with straight teeth:

  • enjoy nearly 70% more professional success on their jobs
  • have over 60% more monetary success
  • are thought of as 53% more trustworthy than their colleagues who have crooked teeth

We at Voss Dental see a lot of adult orthodontic patients in our office here in Houston Texas. The problems braces can fix include the problems that our adult patients have.

What Problems Do Braces Correct?

The short answer is there are a number of problems braces fix. This includes some breathing and health problems. Talk about the benefits of braces you didn’t know!

The following sections discuss the most common reasons why people come to see an orthodontist. If you have any of these issues, dental braces could benefit you greatly.

Jaw Problems

Many people who have serious jaw alignment problems ask: “Can braces fix jaw problems?” They may also wonder: “Can braces fix an uneven jaw?”

Sometimes, an orthodontist will recommend braces to correct jaw alignment issues. Jaw problems make chewing uncomfortable, as well as causing breathing issues. Cross-bites, for example, cause jaw alignment issues.

That being said, an uneven jaw isn’t always something that braces can fix. Here’s a example. Some people have a slight defect on their chin, where one side of the chin protrudes a bit more than the other side.

It’s the chin-equivalent of having one foot that’s slightly larger than the other. Braces don’t usually correct this issue, though other dental measure might.

The Cross-Bite

Another dental problem that braces can fix is the cross-bite. Cross-bites happen when some of the upper jaw’s teeth go behind the teeth of the bottom jaw when the mouth is closed.

Braces and a palatal expander and other orthodontic equipment correct this dental problem. Fixing this issue is one of the good things about having braces.

Many times, people with cross-bites wind up biting the insides of their mouth. Once their braces have fixed their jaw’s alignment, this problem often goes away.

Problems with Underbites

Another question people will ask us is: Can braces fix underbite problem? The answer to this is also, “yes.”

Underbites happen when the lower jaw protrudes out past the upper jaw. The person who has this issue benefits from wearing braces. Clearing up underbite problems is another one of the benefits of dental braces.

Issues with Overbites

Another common problem we see at Voss Dental is the overbite. In this case, the upper jaw protrudes noticeably over the lower jaw.

In some people, the protrusion is so pronounced that it can make the chin look weak. The benefits of orthodontia in this case is that the upper and lower jaws come into better alignment. The look of the weak chin diminishes as well.

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Crooked or Misaligned Teeth Benefit from Braces

People with crooked or misaligned teeth seek out an orthodontist in order to straighten their smiles. Very often, these misalignments make patients self-conscious. Certainly, they can make cleaning the teeth difficult.

Additionally, as we already pointed out, they may experience adverse career effects. Straightening their teeth makes good personal and financial sense.

The Open Bite

Open bites are most often caused when a child sucks his or her thumb or sucks on a pacifier. Most of the time, this problem goes away once the permanent teeth come in.

However, the opening in the front of the mouth doesn’t always correct itself. In this case, open bite treatment options include orthodontics. This counts as another one of the problems braces can fix.

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Issues Affecting Chewing and Speech

The benefits of orthodontics extend to people with chewing or speech issues. Issues, like the cross-bite, for example, create chewing difficulties due to the misalignment in the jaws.

Crooked teeth or jaw misalignments also affect a person’s speech. Wearing braces can correct the speech issues.

Periodontal and Gum Disease Problems

Misaligned and crooked teeth can make it difficult to keep the teeth clean. This, in turn, can eventually cause gum disease, which can lead to tooth and bone loss.

Braces bring the teeth back into alignment, making cleaning the teeth easier. In turn, it also saves your mouth from tooth loss due to periodontal disease.

Self-Confidence Issues

Not all the benefits of braces are cosmetic. Many times, people who have crooked teeth feel self-conscious about their smiles. As such, they refuse to smile. This affects them socially, professionally and personally.

Midline Alignment Issues

Midline issues occur when the center line of the top and bottom teeth don’t line up. Braces fix midline alignment issues. Having a misaligned midline isn’t detrimental. However, having the center lines of the teeth line up improves the appearance of the smile.

Dental Braces Cost Break Down

Many factors determine the cost of braces. These include the severity of your dental issues and the length of your treatment. Generally, speaking, the cost of adult braces is about the same as the cost of braces for kids.

However, like most procedures, there are some variables.
These include:

  • How quickly you heal
  • Unforeseen problems
  • Other challenges

All these factors can affect the cost of your braces. Learn more about dental braces cost break down here.

Where to Get Braces in Houston Texas

By now, you should see that there are an number of problems braces can fix. The advantages of wearing braces far outweigh any downsides that may come with them.

We at Voss Dental in Houston Texas have years of experience. We know the kind of benefits of dental braces bring with them. We’d love to share them with you.

If you’d like to learn how braces can help you, please contact us for a dental constellation and pre-treatment evaluation today.