The Best & Strongest Denture Adhesives On The Market?

If you’re new to dentures you may be wondering what a denture adhesive is, and whether you need it. Perhaps you’ve had your dentures for some time, and notice that they don’t fit as well as they once did. Denture adhesives are not needed by everyone who wears dentures, but they provide an important dental service for times when your dentures become a little loose.

What Are Denture Adhesives?

Denture adhesives come in several forms, including pastes, powders and adhesive pads. These are placed in or on the dentures, which they help to keep in place.

Most people don’t require a denture adhesive. You should have a good fit denture. However, over time, the bone structure in the mouth experiences shrinkage, which can lead to a loose denture. Many people don’t realize that their bone and gum structure changes over time, and that they need new dentures to fit properly. One set of dentures was never designed to last a lifetime. When there is a poor fit denture it is best to have dentures relined or have new ones made to properly fit the mouth.

A denture adhesive can provide a temporary solution that offers a more stable denture when faced with a loose denture from shrinking bone. It is important to remember that a denture adhesive is primarily a temporary solution, and it is likely you will require adjustment to your dentures, or new ones.

Best Denture Adhesives 2021

There are so many choices, between powder, pastes and creams—how do you decide which is the right kind of denture adhesive for you?

In the world of dentistry, denture adhesives can be a controversial topic. Well-made dentures should fit well and be comfortable, and they shouldn’t require adhesives. There are some people who feel most comfortable with the security of a light layer of denture adhesive applied, but regularly needing a lot is the sign of a problem that must be addressed.

In fact, you should never be using a lot of dental adhesive, as a larger amount does not lead to a stronger hold. If your dentures are not staying in place with a very small amount of adhesive then that is a sure sign that they don’t fit and must be replaced.

For those trying to decide which type is a strong denture adhesive, a small amount of each kind of product should be enough, and it comes down to a personal preference. For those who prefer the feeling of security that a denture adhesive can provide, we recommend starting out with a light layer of powder adhesive.


General wear-and-tear, is one of the most common causes of broken dentures. Some might think your dentures will last for life, but they undergo quite a bit of pressure, stress and strain from all that movement and friction caused by the jaw, chewing and grinding. If your dentures are getting older, they will more likely to crack, break or start to loosen, which can eventually fall out.

The Strongest Denture Adhesives For Everyone

Even though it is a matter of personal preference, it can be overwhelming deciding between the many different kinds. Let’s take a look at some of the most common kinds, so you can be informed to choose the strong denture adhesive that is right for you.

Zinc-Free Denture Adhesives

There is a bit of history around why zinc-free denture adhesives have become a popular choice. Manufacturers of denture adhesives originally added zinc oxide to their products to improve adhesion. When denture adhesives are applied correctly, and according to the directions, the amount of zinc present is very safe for use.

However, some patients would use massive quantities of the adhesives for years. This led to some experiencing zinc toxicity and denture adhesive manufacturers being sued because their products had been linked to making people sick and causing permanent nerve damage.

For that reason, zinc-free denture adhesives were introduced as a safer alternative, although in many ways they also functioned to avoid litigation if a patient over-applied the adhesive. The best denture adhesive without zinc is Super Poligrip Free Denture Adhesive Cream. It provides a secure long-lasting hold that keeps out food particles while assuring that your health is not compromised. Super Poligrip Free is completely free from artificial flavors, dyes, and zinc.

How to Use Fixodent® Powder Adhesive

I’ve mentioned that a light layer of powder adhesive is what I most recommend to patients looking to first try a denture adhesive, and Fixodent Extra Hold denture adhesive powder is a great choice for all-day hold. It keeps dentures from slipping while preventing food from getting under your denture. The product is versatile and works well for both full and partial dentures.

If you’re interested in trying out Fixodent Extra Hold there are a few steps to take. According to here is how to use Fixodent® Powder Adhesive

To apply powder adhesive:

  1. Clean dentures

  2. Wet dentures

  3. Apply powder in a thin layer as shown on the bottle or carton

  4. Shake off all loose powder

  5. Insert Dentures and hold briefly in place

There are also several warnings that it is extremely important to keep in mind:

  • DO NOT use more than 1/4 teaspoon. Shake off excess. If powder comes off the denture in your mouth you are using too much.

  • DO NOT use more than once a day. With proper use this bottle should last at least 9 to 10 weeks.

  • DO NOT use excess powder for poorly fitting dentures.

  • DO NOT use more than directed. Contains zinc. Excessive and prolonged zinc intake is reported to be associated with serious health problems. Consult a doctor if using other products containing zinc.

As always with dental adhesives, it’s fine to use a small amount daily for security, but it is critical you have the right dental care to make certain you have properly fitting dentures. Poorly fitting dentures may impair your health.

For more information about Fixodent you should consult your dentist.

Best Adhesive For Lower Dentures

The key to a good adhesive for lower dentures, is one that secures the dentures in place, but doesn’t have any oozing. Fixodent Complete Original Denture Cream is one of the best denture adhesives for the lower denture available. It has the advantage of a narrow applicator, perfect for precise dispensing into three distinct areas to provide a superior, long-lasting hold. An additional benefit of Fixodent Complete Original Denture Cream is that it is zinc-free.

Best Adhesive For Upper Dentures

Well-fitting upper dentures are held in place with suction. A loose upper denture indicates there is space allowing air and liquids to get under the denture, breaking the seal. A good product for the upper denture will fill in the excess space. A great choice for that is Ezo Denture Cushions, which are also embedded with an adhesive providing additional security for the denture-wearer. By customizing the cushions with scissors, most people find a good fit for their dentures.

What Are The Best Natural Denture Adhesives?

For those looking for completely natural denture adhesives, that not only skip the zinc, but are also free from all petrochemicals, artificial colors, scents, flavors, preservatives and any other harmful materials found in synthetic adhesives, there are two products on the market. BioForce and NaturDent use ingredients like glycerin, pine resins and natural gums to create adhesion. These products that are organic or all-natural do command a premium price.

Best Adhesive For Soft Liners

The best denture adhesive for a soft liner is quite simply no adhesive at all. Soft liners are designed to make the denture adapt to your gums’ exact shape while remaining cushioned. Soft liners are ideal for patients with very sore gums, especially if the gums are damaged or almost non-existent.

Using adhesives in combination with a soft liner will cause major problems for your dentures: it is impossible to completely remove the denture adhesive from the soft liner without ruining the soft liner itself. If it is necessary to use denture adhesive on a denture that has been relined with a soft liner, then it is time for a new soft liner.

If you are looking for a temporary solution before relining your denture with a soft liner, the best denture adhesive for a soft liner is actually a combination product that acts both as the adhesive and the temporary soft liner: the cushion grip denture adhesive.

What Is a Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive?

Cushion Grip is a single product that offers long-lasting thermoplastic denture adhesive with soft liner properties. The material takes up excess space and adapts to your gums while providing the security of adhesive. If you use care while cleaning the denture, the material can be expected to last for up to four days before it requires replacement. A well-applied layer of Cushion Grip can be a short-term lifesaver when your dentures are rubbing on your gums and creating sores.

And remember, this is only a temporary solution, be sure to see your dentist soon for a more permanent solution.

Best Adhesive For Partial Dentures

Because of their unique tooth-supported design, properly adjusted partial dentures rarely require adhesives. If the partial is still a little loose, the best denture adhesive is a light layer of denture adhesive powder. Fixodent Extra Hold is one of the best choices for partials.

What Are The Overall Best Denture Adhesive?

When it comes to denture adhesives, there are a lot to choose from. If you’re looking for the best overall adhesive, it comes down to a matter of personal choice. One option that we do especially love as an all-around choice is Secure Waterproof Denture Adhesive by Dentex. It provides both a zinc-free and flavor-free option that can deliver up to 12 hours of holding power. It is different from other adhesives because it is not water-soluble, meaning you don’t have to worry about adhesive particles dissolving and oozing out throughout the day.

Adhesives Don’t Have to Be Part of Your Reality

Denture adhesives can provide extra security when socializing, but in the end, they are a temporary solution.

A properly fit denture will allow you to enjoy life in ways that are impossible when relying on denture adhesives to get you through the day. If you’re counting on your adhesive for a stable and comfortable denture, there is a better way. It is time to trust the clinicians and staff at Voss Dental. With advanced techniques and approaches to tooth replacement you’ll gain access to a world of comfort and confidence that you never thought possible!