Dr Alireza Hourfar

Dr Alireza Hourfar

Dr Hourfar is an experienced board-certified orthodontist with many years under his belt as he has been a practicing orthodontist since 2004. He is a proud graduate of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) where he completed his orthodontics training

Dr. Hourfar successfully ran his orthodontics practice from 2004 to 2010  while also volunteering in numerous positions to help raise awareness about preventative dental measures in areas of need. Dr. Hourfar moved to the US after getting accepted into the UCLA orthodontics program where he was able to expand his professional horizons and fulfill his yearning for a dynamic career.

Dr. Hourfar has been a practicing orthodontist in Houston, TX since 2015 at numerous practices providing high quality orthodontics throughout the Greater Houston area, helping Children, Teens and Adults to have an amazing and beautiful smiles.


My experience at Voss dental was very pleasant and the staff was great! Dr. Hourfar made sure I was comfortable throughout my whole procedure and made sure all hygiene guidelines were follow upon entering as well as during my cleaning. Definitely recommend if you’re looking to be treated with care and high quality dental service.