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Best Way to Pay for Invisalign in 2021

Voss Dental in Houston: How to Pay for Invisalign Picking the right Invisalign payment option may seem like a major challenge. However, we promise you there are plenty of options. Depending on your particular scenario, the right selection may vary. Nevertheless, there is something suitable for everyone. No one has to walk away without a perfect smile. Below we have listed a few of the most common options. Common Invisalign Payment Option Choices Insurance Do you receive healthcare through your job? If you have employer-based health insurance, they may cover the cost of treatment. You’ll need to speak with your insurance

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What are Crowded Teeth? Causes & Treatment Options

In a simple definition, crowded teeth refer to a dental condition where all your teeth do not fit within your jaw. It occurs due to a lack of enough room in the jaw to accommodate erupting teeth. Jaw size can be too small, or the teeth can be too large when you have overcrowded teeth. Everyone’s jaws have arches meant for each tooth in the mouth. The arches have particular dimensions, which teeth should fit in. Teeth with large sizes can fail to fit within these arches and cause crowding. Signs of crowded teeth include overlapping teeth and twisting

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