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Dental Implant

A New look to Dental Implants Cost Break Down

There are numerous reasons dental implants continue to increase in popularity. Your dental implant has the same function and appearance of your natural teeth and can last you for a lifetime. Voss Dental in Houston, Texas can create a dental implant if you have lost a tooth due to an injury or accident, or have a tooth past repair. Your implants will bring back the magnificent smile you have been missing. The most frequently asked question is how much will my dental implant cost? The procedure is complicated and intensive. To make certain your procedure is performed correctly, both

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Malocclusion treatment Houston Texas

What is Malocclusion of the Teeth ?

When people think of quality of life issues, they are generally considering serious problems involving mental or physical health, and not conditions of the gums, teeth and jaws. Yet certain dental health problems can seriously lower one’s quality of life due to impairment in the areas of self-esteem and a healthy, successful social and work life. Dental health is integral to one’s overall physical and mental well-being and malocclusion is a major barrier to both. Malocclusion is a big word meaning abnormal teeth alignment. There are different forms of malocclusion. Each form has its own causes and requires different

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