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Naturally, the dental formula of human beings would line up without having any form of crookedness. However, this is not the case. Many people report having crowded or overlapping teeth leading to poor teeth alignment. As a result, many adults in this condition report difficulties in cleaning them and suffer high tooth decay chances. Poor dental alignments can happen to both young ones and adults. This problem can easily be corrected when one is young.

Nevertheless, adults can also correct this error when it occurs in their adulthood. The effectiveness of treating poor teeth alignment in adults is similar to that of children. Orthodontic care is the treatment of teeth alignment abnormalities and jaw problems.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, 27% of American orthodontic patients are over 18 years. The use of dental braces has come out to be the best approach that orthodontics uses in treating tooth alignment issues. Reports show that close to 4 million Americans are on braces, and the number is expected to rise in the future. Braces will not only restore your teeth alignment but will also realign your bite and improve your aesthetics as well. As dental technology is developing, we are witnessing different dental braces options for adults matching diverse lifestyles.

Types Of Adult Braces

Dental braces for adults come in various types to suit the tastes and preferences of each adult. Even so, you need to visit a reputable orthodontic in Texas. There are many options for braces at Voss Dental in Houston for adults looking to improve their facial appearances. There are several factors that you need to look at when choosing teeth braces for adults. For instance, you should look at the cost of the best braces to get for adults and your lifestyle as well.
What are the dental braces options for adults at the Voss Dental clinic?

Conventional Adult Braces

Conventional braces are another name for the traditional braces. These types of braces have been in use for several decades. The previous version of these braces had a metal band placed around each tooth. The current version of this type of brace has wires that an orthodontist uses to alter the position of teeth.
Traditional braces may come in a metal or ceramic option, and the choice is yours to make. Even so, the white ceramic option believed to wear out quickly. You can choose your ideal color of these teeth braces for adults since they come in different colors.
Conventional braces are still the best braces to get for adults because;

  • They have a durable material, which makes them last for a long time, unlike other types of braces in the market. Their durability reduces the chances of having to replace them regularly.
  • Traditional braces are ideal for those adults with a multifaceted dental problem.
  • It’s the best dental braces for adults because they help restore teeth alignment within a short period. They have a track record of straightening teeth and closing on the gaps more quickly than other braces.
  • The most affordable adult braces options in the market today are the conventional braces.
  • You can beautify them by choosing a different shade band over the braces. The bands come in different colors that you can choose to match your complexion
    On the other hand, choosing traditional braces as the best braces to get for adults has its downside which includes;
  • Unlike other forms of braces, the conventional brace is much visible from far. Everyone coming on your way can tell that you are wearing a traditional brace. This may not go well with everybody.
  • Once the traditional braces have been fixed by your orthodontic, you cannot remove them regardless of how you feel. They may cause inconsistency when you are brushing your teeth, and remember, you can’t remove them.
  • You will be required to make regular visits toy your orthodontic at least once a month before it’s moved. This may hinder your project, especially when you running busy schedules.

Lingual Teeth Braces For Adults

These are adult braces that are professionally mounted on your rear part of the teeth. They are similar to the traditional type, only that the lingual is fixed facing your tongue. They have a minor difference from the conventional dental braces for adults.
When it comes to appearances, lingual teeth braces for adults are best in hiding whether you’re wearing braces or not. Their position on the backside of your teeth hides them from the public. They are not easily detected like their counterpart, the conventional dental braces options for adults. This explains why their popularity as the best dental braces for adults is on the rise.

Other reasons that make lingual braces the best include;

  • High discretion when using it as adult braces options. It is not every adult who finds it okay, putting on metal braces visible to everyone. Most want to correct their teeth alignment in secret. For this reason, lingual braces appear to be among the best teeth braces for adults. Have lingual braces fixed in you for your dental issues, and no one will notice them.
  • You can have your lingual adult braces options customized to meet every patient’s needs. If your teeth have different shapes, this is the ideal braces for you.
  • Lingual braces are flexible. Unlike other forms of braces treatment, lingual can be placed on the affected tooth alone and not on every tooth.
  • It is also cheap to have the lingual braces fixed as adult braces options because it is for a specific tooth. If you have a few or one tooth that is not inline, you only incur costs for that tooth or teeth.
    Choosing lingual as your adult braces have its challenges as discussed below;
  • Lingual braces are not the best option for adults’ patients who have a deep bite. The deep bit may mount more pressure on the lingual brackets on the back of the teeth, making them lose position.
  • Choosing lingual braces may lead to difficulties in speech, especially during the early days of installation. Your speech alteration is likely to happen because your tongue will come into contact with the lingual as you talk. However, this is likely to go away as you get used of them.
  • With lingual braces as your best option, you should be ready to avoid eating hard and sticky foods. Corn, apples, caramel, and candies are some of the foods that you will have to avoid, for instance.
  • Their effectiveness may take much longer than conventional braces.
  • They are challenging to clean since they are not accessible, unlike other types of braces, including the invisalign.

Self-Litigating Braces

These are similar to the conventional adult braces options with similar placement position. However, with self-litigating braces, a small metal clip is on the bracket where a wire passes. The wire is a replacement of the elastic band common in the traditional teeth braces for adults.
Some of the common benefits of going for self-litigating braces as the best braces to get for adults include;

  • With self-litigating dental braces options for adults, there are a few orthodontic appointments to make. Opposite of the other types of braces, such as the aligners’ braces.
  • Guarantees quick results, unlike other types of braces, including the traditional braces. When looking to have a shorter treatment period, self-litigating is the best.
    On the other hand, self-litigating braces are not easy to maintain clean. You may need special tools to make them clean.


Aligners or clear braces are the alternative names to these type of braces. These are clear trays that orthodontics uses to treat crocked dental formula. Aligners can be switched out once in a fortnight to allow your teeth to allow the mobility of your teeth. These clear braces are the best alternatives to dental braces treatment options for braces, especially for adults. Unlike conventional braces, you can easily remove these braces when eating and when brushing your teeth.
It is ideal for correcting mild to the reasonable imperfectly spaced tooth. To work correctly, you need to have your back teeth well aligned and fit together.
Like other forms of braces, teeth aligners’ are the best braces to get for adults with crooked teeth. But why should they be the best dental braces options for adults?

  • Aligners are invisible. Compared to conventional braces, aligners cannot be seen when worn.
  • You can remove them anytime you want and return them without any difficulties. You don’t have to worry about brushing your teeth or eating any type of food. Remove the braces, eat your favorite foods, brush your teeth, and return them to straighten your crooked teeth. 
  • You can quicken the process of aligning your tooth by getting a new aligner brace after every two weeks. Hence shorten your treatment program.
    Unfortunately, the use of Invisalign as the dental braces for adults has the following weak points;
  • They are an expensive mode of dental braces option for adults. For their effectiveness, you may have to replace them every two weeks at a price.
  • It can be a source of inconvenience. Firstly, you have to brush your teeth after eating before setting them back. Secondly, it can be a source of embarrassment when you are out with your friends. This because you have to remove them before eating and return them after eating.

Invisalign vs Braces; which one is the best brace to get for adults?

Check out the comparison below:

  • It is typically colorless, while braces can come in different colors.
  • Its treatment time is 22-24 hours for 6-18 months. On the other hand, braces are 24/7 for up to 2 years.
  • Maintaining; when cleaning, you may need to have a cleaning system and warm water to clean the trays. Conversely, you can clean braces as you are brushing your teeth by brushing the brackets and wires.

Can You Improve The Performance of Your Braces?

There are products in the market that can promote the efficiency of braces. Check them out below;

  1. AcceleDent: This is a vibratory device one can use to reduce the orthodontic treatment period. The device can reduce the period by 50% if well utilized.
  2. Use of propel device: An orthodontic can reduce your treatment period by using this device. Orthodontics insert a probe in your gums to trigger the bones around your teeth to realign your dental formula.

What Is The Cost Of Braces?

With the existence of different types of braces, the prices are likely to vary. Also, your condition as a patient may affect the pricing of the orthodontic services. Many orthodontic clinics allow their patients to use their dental insurance covers. Voss Dental Clinic works directly with different insurance providers to ensure you receive quality orthodontic services in Houston, Texas. This is a convenient way of shifting the burden of high dental bills from the patient to the insurance provider.
Before making your choice of an orthodontic facility to visit, check out their charges. The type of braces that the orthodontic will use in your treatment will determine the overall treatment costs. Check out the average cost below:

  • The conventional brace will cost between $3,000-7,000.
  • Lingual braces charges lie between the range of $8,000-10,000.
  • Cost of invisalign $4,000-7,400
    Before going to an orthodontic, ensure you confirm with your insurance provider on your limits.

How Do You Manage Your Treatment?

On most occasions, a typical orthodontic treatment may take up to 22 months. However, the state of the patient and the mode of treatment they’re going for will dictate the treatment duration. Patients can start with an invisalign and later switch to any other brace they prefer.
Before accepting any form of orthodontist care, ensure the orthodontist has a record of your medical history.

Where to Go For Orthodontic Services In Houston Texas

Voss Dental Clinic in Houston uses the latest technology in offering orthodontic services. This makes the facility an ideal place for your orthodontic problems. Voss Dental Clinic is home to professional orthodontics. Our services are closer to you now. Check-in on our website and book an appointment.

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The Take-Away

The growing popularity of braces in treating crooked teeth is increasing and not ending anytime soon. With the continuous improvement in orthodontic technology, there are different convenient ways of completing the treatment quickly.