Dr. Firas Abdel-Rahman

Dr. Firas Abdel-Rahman

Dr. Firas Abdel-Rahman is a certified Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), an avid learner, and a passionate
family man. From his early school life to the medical college for both undergrad and postgrad studies, Dr.
Firas has been resolute to change American society through dental healthcare.
He is a very affectionate husband and a responsible father of two beautiful girls. And that affection and
responsibility translate to even how he handles his patients. He believes in providing the ultimate dental
care his patients deserve. That’s what pushes him to go all out to restore wellness, even when the
healing likelihood is discouraging.

Educational Background of Dr. Firas Abdel-Rahman
Dr. Rahman’s medical career kicked off in 1991 when he joined Boston University for an undergraduate
program in Periodontology and Implant Dentistry. Immediately after graduating in 1996, the Periodontist
could not settle for less. He enrolled in the school of oral surgery for a four-year course (until 2002). As
someone motivated by real results and dental wellness, Dr. Firas believes he can only get better by
taking small learning steps every day.

In 2001, the dentist was at the University of Texas (UT), Houston, ready to add more skills to his dental
toolbox. The course would last up to 2004. Between 2001 and 2002, he majored in Preceptor in General
Dentistry. Advancing to the third and fourth years, that is, 2003 to 2004, he narrowed down to Preceptor


Dr. Firas was very kind and straight forward. The wait was not long. I got my critical situation taken care of rather quickly! I have made this my new dentist office! I would refer everyone to visit! Nice atmosphere, professional office staff. Thanks Voss Dental!